New Accardo and Ricca book: any good? Opinions?

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New Accardo and Ricca book: any good? Opinions?

Post by Dwalin2014 » Thu Feb 16, 2017 9:21 pm

Just found this book on amazon: ... 673&sr=1-3

It's isn't available in electronic format or for browsing inside, and there are only a few reviews. The size (560 pagies) is impressive, and the previous book by this author, "A Mob on his own" about Sam DeStefano seemed to be quite detailed and informative at first glance, but then again, I can give the opinion only about the pages available for preview for that other book. Some reviewers criticize it for too much detail, but this imo is a good thing, not a bad one: more detailed information there is, better it is, as long as the information is true and reliable. The DeStefano book, I am still unsure whether to buy it, maybe I will later; the fact that, according to some reviewers, it doesn't focus on Mad Sam alone, but covers extensively all associates of his, is a good thing too imo, as long as all the information is verified. But this new book about Accardo and Ricca, has anyone read it, could anyone give an opinion? Also, the author, Tony Dark, who is he, is he a known researcher? Can't find a biography of him.

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